Server Administration

So you have your website and mobile app up and running, now you will need a system that manages all the data that flows through the website and app between the customers and client round the clock and round the year.

The team at Website Design Studio is always ready to take care of your business server and ensure that your business in the digital platform does not stop, crash or gets hindered in any manner even for a minute.

We are a well-skilled team when it comes to set-up, maintenance, and troubleshooting server related issues in Windows, Linux/UNIX & Virtualization platforms. We also take care of initial security audits, set-up and configuration of servers which provide hosting services (ISS, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Exim, etc.) OS Patching, anti-virus updates, anti-spam software along with scheduled maintenance and backup.

Website Design Studio is adept in installing, set-up, configure & maintain mail servers, support DNS servers and database servers, monitor web servers, provide security-related configuration, undertake diagnostics of critical system failure, malware scanner, rootkit scanner, firewall, customized data replication & recovery solutions.

We at Website Design Studio also undertakes server monitoring requests, where we can monitor all the systems associated with the server, conduct operating system and control panel updates, data encryption to make your data safer by another step, logging & debugging, application performance, file, integrity, log & event monitoring, file access management, cloud solutions, server recovery and rebuilds, terminal server configuration and support, migration to new server-based software along with timely reports.

This helps us and our clients to understand the resource usage pattern and conduct relevant and necessary optimization to ensure refined end-user experience.

Along with the above, Website Design Studio also works towards enhancement and automation of your own IT infrastructure in the public/private cloud for hosting your web applications, transfer or migration of existing applications, building disaster recovery and on-demand testing and all of this is done in a very streamlined manner keeping the operations, timeline and affordability under control.

The price of the services is always a deciding factor and just to keep it absolutely transparency among our clients, we have kept the pricing in a custom manner.

Now, server management, administration, and monitoring is a very delicate affair. Thus to ensure top-notch services we conduct our jobs in a highly secure IT environment that is in strict accordance with regulatory standards such as HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Before we undertake any server related projects, we understand the requirements of our clients, analyze the process involved and present a quote based on the services that will be undertaken by us.