Application Development

Website Design Studio is a team of extremely skilled and experienced individuals capable of providing top of the line digital products and its relevant services to our customers. We are always there to cater to your needs when it comes to the digital requirements of your business. All this under one roof of Website Design Studio will be done in a very affordable, tailored and fully functional manner.

As we all know that in the last couple of years, the stature of digital identity has moved from website to mobile apps. If your business is to sell products, provide services, offer consultation or guidance, etc, the app is now the best thing that you can add to your business profile.

All businesses at the end of the day cater to an individual or a group of individuals. Thus having an app in your arsenal has become quite essential. It allows all your users to avail your products & services at their convenience & to their taste. The best thing is that your goal can be achieved just by making your business accessible with just a few taps on the screen.

The team at Website Design Studio specializes in making all kinds of app that fit business of different types with absolutely unparalleled functionality. This includes both Android and iOS applications. Your ideas of business will be thoroughly incorporated and brought to life in the reality of the mobile app. Just making the app that ensures a boom in your business is not the only goal we thrive to achieve, we also give our best in terms of skills and knowledge to ensure that your business shows consistent productivity and substantially incremental growth via the mobile app.

The method used at Website Design Studio towards building a successful app is simple. We analyze your requirements before we start building the app. Aspects such as what you want to serve, how you wish to see the in-app navigation across pages, what the customer can get from the app, productive effect on the business, etc are all taken into account.

We conduct a very intricately detailed analysis of your competitors in the market and curate the best of the features that you can offer in the app. Depending on the platform the factors might vary a little for Android as compared to an iOS app. Our analysis helps us make a visual representation of the final product available to you that will illustrate every little detail of the final app.

If the demo wireframe/ illustration is approved by you, we will get on with the actual designing process ensuring it packs all the features that you want and also making it attractive in looks and engaging to use. Post completing the design work, we will initiate the development work.

Every development of the app undergoes thorough testing of all the unique modules to ensure unhindered performance. After the app is fully developed, it again undergoes multiple testing to chalk out any bugs that might be present in the application and get rid of them.

Once the testing is done, your app is ready to go live. Our final task is to ensure round the clock maintenance of your app and provide support with regards to future development, design & updates even after deployment.

Our app building skills span through multiple user base, platforms & industries. Ensuring the satisfaction of our customers when it comes to the app they wish to build is a factor that weighs at the top of our priority list so that we can develop a long-lasting professional relationship with our clients.